Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Hope (I'm not so good with the puns.. but you will understand soon)

So you know how much I love charity thingees. You may also recall that for about 3(ish) years I have been screaming "Save the Lars Homestead!" all over Twitter and my old journal -  and then when the project came to fruition I donated to that amazing cause. Now those 2 worlds collide.

A gentleman who I have seen around the Lars Homestead group is getting together funds to have a C-3PO costume. With this he plans to visit children in hospitals. I want you to imagine a sick child getting a visit by 3PO. Yeah, I got misty eyed too. And I got paid this week and decided to skip a trip to Wasabi and donate to this. I think things like this are important. Even a Pound (Did I mention that he is in Europe?) makes a difference. Skip a latte and drop $5 his way. Some day the kids will benefit.

Here is his blog. Check him out.

Tee-Threepio: Human Cyborg Relations: "Oh, yes, that's very good, I like that... Oh! ": Tonight's update ends the weekend on a positive note, which is great because I was getting worried that no donations would come in this week...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Interwebz: What is the safest (freeist!) "cloud" place to (digitally) store my editing so I can access anywhere I have internet?