Sunday, May 27, 2012


I just finished Divergent and let me go on record as saying I loved it! I cannot wait to read book 2 in the trilogy. I will wait though, until after lunch.

I find myself typically liking what the majority of my reader friends like. I'd like to think it is not a sheep mentality, but rather having a set of friends with similar tastes - that is something that makes people friends right? Similar tastes?

One of the books I am struggling with right now is City of Bones from the Mortal Instruments series. I really want to like it! I have been reading it for months now. It just can't hold me. I read it when I have nothing else to read. When there is something else, City of Bones gets put on the back burner. I really want to feel more engaged with the characters. I like some of the City of Bones characters well enough but just.. I don't know - I feel like it is lacking something. What though? How can I get more engaged with the characters so I WANT to keep reading it?

Let me back track a little. Sometimes love stories drive books. And if done right it is totally okay. Matched (from the trilogy that I cannot wait for book 3 to arrive already!)  is a story that shows us the love story is key to the plot, BUT it is not a desperate set of characters who control and manipulate each other. They are strong independent people who love each other in healthy ways. Passionate and strong characters drive the story in a way that you don't feel trapped in a 12 year olds warped fairytale. Does that make more sense?

Anyhow, I just had some thoughts to share. I know we all read differently (and I know some of my friends really like Twilight - and you guys know where I stand so this is no surprise to anyone.) and I am glad we are not clones of each other. But.. what can I do about City of Bones? Any tips? Do they get more exciting as they go because let's be honest - Goblet of Fire was WAY MORE exciting than Sorcerers Stone.

Edit: I take back everything I said! I am SO ENGAGED NOW! So glad I stuck it out because I am completely and totally addicted now. And can we please talk about how awesome Magnus is? Holy cow!