Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lions and Turtles and kids books, oh my!

When I became a dedicated author I realized my love of sci-fi was not a blessing in my gift of writing. I let me fingers flow and discovered I was a Young Adult Lit writer. So I embraced it and my writing life has been so happy.

I really do adore turtles and lions. SO much so that I have an abundance of plushies, jewelry, etc (Turtle tattoo coming soon to an ankle near you!) Some of these have taken on “personalities”. My plushie High5 even has a facebook page because my friends like to see him “in action”. Seeing his personality unfold and the stories some friends and I make up for him, I thought “childrens book!” … well…. I have a whole new appreciation for authors of kid’s books. I thought to myself “I can write 250-300 page young adult novels. A 20 page children’s book should be a snap!” How very wrong I was. It seems much harder to convey a story in so few pages and such simple words. I admire those people in a way I never did before.

My turtle and lion love will live on in my fantasy YA novels as supporting characters, but Yoda knows making them a star in a kids book is one task I was not created for. It seems our genre’s truly do pick us. 

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  1. I think I should write a children's book. Simplicity in write is my specialyty. It's the details that have me struggling for depth