Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amoral without god?

In my philosophy class we had to answer whether or not belief in god is reasonable. No use of religious texts could be used, this was strictly an opinion piece. I wish I were as eloquent as Lance. He speaks so clearly and so well. I tend to get jumbled up.

Additionally, there was a girl who had the argument that if god was not real then we would have no moral codes because without fear of the creator we would all be amoral. I was floored. I am not amoral. I might not be a saint but I am far from amoral. The thought that we can't control ourselves without fear of burning for eternity made me sad. Has she no faith in people at all? Does she think I will murder people at my own whim because I do not fear the flames? It made me very sad. Being without a belief in god does not make someone without a conscious or a sense of decency. I know beautifully kind atheists and I know very cruel Christians. People are people regardless of which side of the god line they are on. You have good and bad apples on both sides. How very very sad she made me.

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