Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cosplay is not consent

Years ago I attended an anime convention with my (then) girlfriend. She wanted to do a couple costume so we went as Ban (her) and Ginji (me) from The Getbackers. I was personally fond of the Beastmaster but sometimes we compromise, right?

Anyhow, we went to the rave after the panels had closed because I wanted to dance. She’s not a dancer but she did her compromise. We had really nice give-and-take back in those days.

So I’m standing there sipping the rum and coke she bought me when all of a sudden I feel teeth sink into my shoulder from behind. I jumped back, ready to swing on whoever had punched me (instinct, you know?) and I see this girl, maybe 16 or 17 jumping up and down screaming how much she loves Ginji and she just ~had~ to “have a bite”.

My girlfriend stayed in character as Ban and defused the situation between me and the girl because I was still ready to hit her. She had not only put her mouth on me, without me even knowing she was in my personal space, she bit hard enough that I had teeth marks on my shoulder.

Had this girl approached me and asked for a hug I would have gladly given her one. Had she approached me and asked for a nibble, well, I can’t say for certain I would have said no. But the thing is, she never gave me a choice. I was never given the chance to make a choice, I was just bitten.  Actually bitten.

Was it sexual in nature? Maybe, maybe not. Was it inappropriate? Absolutely 100%.

I might be in costume but I’m still a person.

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