Sunday, May 26, 2013

How I want Supernatural to end:

I want Dean and Sam and Cas to die in a brilliant blaze of glory that saves the earth/heaven/whatever else needs saving.

Then fast forward ten years and we see a scene in an elementary school where two brothers are sitting at a table together inside the lunchroom. The second grader gives the kindergartner a slice of pie, “Mom packed me two, so I’ll give you my second one. You grow too much so you probably need the pie more.”

The younger brother smiles at him, “Thanks. .. Will you let me ride your bike?”

The elder boy laughs, “Don’t get carried away brat.”

Younger boy pokes him in the shoulder, “Meanie.”

“Excuse me.” a voice from behind them says. “I’m new. May I sit here?”

The two brothers look up and see a kid in a coat a size too big. They motion to him and he sits across from the brothers and looks at the older of the two brothers, tilts his head and starts to ask a question but stops. He shifts his focus to their homemade lunches and compares them to his school lunch. “I have too many brothers for our father to make lunches for all of us.”

In walks Chuck to the lunch table where he smiles down at the three boys. “I’m here to read children’s stories to the class. Where can I find the principal?”
The younger brother grins widely, “I love books. What do you write?”

Chuck scruffs the little boys hair and smiles, “I used to write scary books about two brothers and their friends who became like family, but now, I write stories about little boys who have very normal happy lives. And how sometimes no matter what happens, they always find each other and love each other like family.” Chuck looks at the boy in the oversize coat, “Right son?”
The little boy, new to the school, looks up and smiles, “Right Dad. Profound bonds are always given fresh starts.”
Chuck winks at him, “Especially in a world free from monsters where everyone can live happily.” 
Roll credits. I cry because their precious souls were given a chance at a new life in happy land where they can be normal kids and grow up together. 

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