Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vegas bound!

So when we were kids my mom made a promise to me and my sister that when we got our Bacehlors dress she would take us on a trip. This promise was made due to our protests that Grandma was taking Mom to Jamaica without us. Mom reminded us (every time we did the thing kids do - whine about how unfair it is) over and over that she only got to go because she just finished her Bachelors degree.

Fast forward 30 years (give or take) and I remind my mom I am graduating with my Bachelors, as is my sister 5 months later. Kris and I recalled the day of the promise and Mom agreed to keep her word. And she has kept her word ten fold!

We chose Vegas because Kris and I had never been there. We started planning about a year ago - and tomorrow morning at this time I leave for the airport. I am SO EXCITED!

There is a spreadsheet (Thanks Kris!) to keep up organized because we have so much to do! I am also seeing some friends I have in Vegas. WOO!

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