Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It was beautiful while it lasted–eh, sorta.

I first laid eyes on her while on a business trip to Pepsicola, or as others call it, Pensacola. I was looking for just her type. And there she was.Beautiful to the eyes. Cool against my fingertips.  Alone. And on sale.

My dear HP dv6 is now on its way to the great hard drive in the sky. She is about 3 1/2 years old but her time has come. I have used her more than she probably ever bargained for when I brought her home. But we had a good time together.


She has major power issues. Many of you know I am on my 3rd power cord with her. Even plugged in her battery wont go over 58-65% charge. If I unplug her she lasts roughly 20 minutes. That’s no life for a laptop.
Still, I carried on. I refused to give up.

Last week though… last week she gave up on me. She runs hot to the touch. Not just her battery parts, almost all her parts. Also, her battery is run down that she warns me every time at start-up that she might not even run ever again at all.

I gave in. I replaced her. Tonight my new laptop arrived. I pulled all the data from her and am moving it onto the new one. Tonight, my 3.5 year companion will be reset to factory standards, not even a single trace left behind. Then, she will be crushed and sent away.

A bright pink replacement has come into my life and I will devote as much attention and love to it. I even bought a case, something I never did for the other one. But the new one.. she will be housed in a Hello Kitty weatherproof protector. I anticipate many happy years together.

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