Tuesday, January 10, 2012

John Green did something I hope I never forget..

He spent 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a month signing pages to go into his new novel The Fault In Our Stars. I sort of wondered why he did this. I watched his progress through his vlogs, tweets, blogs, and other social media venues. John even got his brother Hank involved. Hank is basically as popular as John in the social media. Hank took some of the sheets John autographed and drew little angler fish on them and dubbed them Hanklerfish. I digress.

So recently I found out why John went to the trouble of pre-signing all these papers for so long. I mean seriously - imagine how many Sharpies he went through! How many hand cramps he had! How many times his eyes must have crossed. I am glad his name is short John Green and not long like Rumpleclothesfromnosleep Vegetabletsandwichdude.

Anyhow.. John Green did this because he knows he can't go on tour everywhere. He only tours to major cities usually. And even if he toured to small cities, he can't hit every single one. And John Green wanted people to have the chance to get an autographed copy. He wanted ~everyone~ to have a chance. That includes me, here, in my town that doesn't even have a book store.

Thank you John Green. I hope when I become famous like you that I will remember to give everyone a chance too. People in small towns don't get book tours. People in small towns without book stores are drowning in desperate need of connections to the world of literature.

Side note: I really would love to get a Hanklerfish. But if another Nerdfighter needs it more than I do, I'll sacrifice my fish.

Edit @ 7:02 p.m.: My book arrived! I did not get the Hanklerfish but I did John Greens signature in a green sharpie! Ya know what? That is a score! I am happy. I'm also putting my current read on hold so I can go through this book. I've been waiting a long time to read it! DFTBA!!


  1. You're so noble >.> I want a HANKLERFISH!!!

  2. Karma baby, karma. I'm good in my life right now. If someone isn't and this would make a difference then they need it more than me. Maybe some day I will need it (whatever "it" is at the time) and it will be there for me.

  3. ooh I see. Well, damn! Ur gonna make ME give up a Hanklerfish now. *sigh*

  4. That is SO cool! What a great guy. I hope you get your Hanklerfish!