Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My baby sister...

My baby sister turned 40 today. I went to Atlanta (technically a suburb, but you get the point) over the weekend to celebrate. I gave her a Spock cookie jar. (The detail is amazing!) I meant to write a lot of little notes about childhood memories but I a) Didn't have time b) didn't want to take him out of the shipping box for fear he might break in transit. Still, looking at my baby sister I see the woman she is now, but I also see the little girl who ran around in her Garfield night shirt and pretended to be Dyna Girl to my Electro Woman.

I love her.

1976 with Mom

1987 Halloween

1988 Debbies graduation

Early 2000's
2004 cruise


2011 pirates on the Disney Cruise


  1. Thanks for posting the pics. I loved looking at them and the memories they hold - love you Kris - my "baby child"

  2. This was awesome and I am so proud to say I know you beautiful ladies and my mom, if she was here, would also be proud to call you friends! Happy Birthday Kris!
    Love Yah
    Heather Spiegel

  3. aww, hope your sis had a happy birthday! You both look so cute and happy over the years! Here's to many more! xxx