Sunday, February 5, 2012

Michael Palmer has a new book coming! (And there is a CONTEST people!!!!)

Some of you who have known me a long time know I love this man. Some of you new to my life will take pause and wonder, because I don't talk about him much lately. See, I had a passionate love for his novels for a long time and have read almost all of them.. until ... ... one book came along that I despised. I tried. I tried SO HARD to love it. But I didn't. I wanted to. I couldn't. So I gave up about 1/3 of the way in and walked away from it, broken hearted. And for some reason I let it get to me far more than it should have. I was not being a very good fan. Sometimes we get disappointed, but if we are always, otherwise, thrilled with the author, why would we turn our backs? I have no excuse. And now I feel so bad for it. But he has a new book coming and I AM EXCITED!!! I mean, like super excited!!! It's almost like falling in love again. I haven't even read the book yet and I am bouncing off the walls!

Confession: One of his characters stays with me so hard that every single time I write a new character of my own, I recall something about Jessie. Jessie, a neurosurgeon, always kept a gameboy in her labcoat pocket. She would get stressed, go hide somewhere, whip it out, and play. I remember thinking that A) made her super cool, B) it was a great quirk while really helped bring her to life. And I always think of her when I see someone playing Tetris. I (almost) always think of her when I am writing.

But really almost everything by him is really good. Don't let my first paragraph deter you. HE IS AWESOME!

In related news, the awesome book blogger Ems is having a contest to give away a SIGNED COPY of the new novel! OH EMM GEE! If you want to enter, you totally should. This is huge. And amazing. And it's MICHAEL FREAKING PALMER!

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