Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Megacon is this weekend. I am stoked. I love conventions!!! This will be a little different for me. I will not be costuming. I know, I know, shocking! The reality is that costuming can take anywhere from 45 minutes (simple Jedi, or Narcissa) to 2 hours (Atris) to get ready. That doesn’t include time to get out of character as well (make up removal, shower, then getting dressed up as yourself!) I have a paper due, a test due, etc. I wish I could tell you I was the person who can get those things done a week or two ahead of time but I’d be lying.

No fears! I wil have tons-o-fun. I love running around in my cool t-shirts too. Some celebs I want to meet will be there (Hello Chris Sabet!!!!) and some I want to see again (Tom Felton, I’m looking at you.) In addition to all that I have 14 students coming along! Most of the Anime Club is able to make this trip and that makes me happy. We are gonna have so much fun. Did I mention we are staying at the Peabody Orlando?

I’ll be taking my new book Oath of Office as well so I can read myself to sleep. I'll also be seeing old friends I only see at conventions (Hi Lupin! Hi Steve! Hi Maya-chan! Hi everyone else who is too many to mention!)  And missing friends who used to come but have sense moved away (I miss you Celine!!)

I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking pics, have no worries there. It’ll almost be like you guys are with me! Speaking of which, will any of you ACTUALLY be there with me? If so, find me and say hello!! 

Don't Forget To Be Awesome, and Be Excellent To Each Other, and May The Force Be With You!
DJ/ Darth (now Jedi!) Yume/Cissy/Bulma/WhateverelseYouKnowMeBy

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