Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be Like Spike

Spike is almost 5 years old. He is part hound dog, part wienie dog, part bull mastif.. and possibly a little beagle in there too. Whatever he is, he is unique. 
He is very long and so when he is sitting you expect a massive dog. However, when he stands you actually see that  he has very short legs, and that one of them is at a 90 degree angle the wrong way. 
Spike does not see this. Spike only knows that he is smart and inquisitive (Lazy too but we will get there later.) He doesn’t even bother with the little dogs. They can bark and yap all day and he doesn’t pay them any attention at all. The big dogs though, he notices them. The dogs can be twice his height and he stands his ground without fear. Spike sees himself differently than we see him. 
Shouldn’t we all be like Spike? We should stand fearless, or at least seem to stand that way, against the things we think might try and take what is ours (happiness). We should barely notice the little things that are trivial and really don’t deserve our energy. 
Spike is a happy dog. Of course we take good care of him, he is a pampered puppy. But still, Spike never frets over his gimpy paw, he doesn’t realize that he had the potential to be twice his size.. all he sees is who he is. And with who he is, he is king. 
Be like Spike.

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  1. I wish I were as cute as Spike. I certainly do my best at running, despite my legs.