Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today we are having a 13th birthday party for my son who turns 13 on Monday. Wow.. time really flies. I still remember finding out I was pregnant, and here we are almost 14 years later. Amazing.

The party is being thrown at our local BBQ place that has pretty much watched him grow up. They love that kid almost as much as I do.

On Trey's 12th birthday this discussion happened:
"Mom, can we have a Bah Mitzvah when I turn 13?"
"Nope. We aren't Jewish."
"Can we have a Treymistpha then? I'm Treyish."

How could I say no to that? So we have put together our own little party.

I bought Trey some Dr Who gifts, Lana got him a video game he wanted, Mom got him an amazing Buddha, and I think his dad got him a moving Vader bank. I know it isn't all about the gifts but come on, gifts are awesome.

Trey picked out a cake with a mustache on it. He said that's "A manly cake."

I'll share pics when I have some.

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  1. I remember when you posted that on Facebook. I about died laughing. Best. Thing. EVER. He's a great kid.

    Have a fantastic party, and lots of Happy Birthdays to Trey!