Monday, August 12, 2013

I have an office, "with a desk, and a lamp!" Okay I don't really have a lamp but I was sort of, but not really, quoting from the movie Jumping Jack Flash..

Wanna see where I spend 8 hours a day?

The main desk area and where my eyes are generally focused. As you see, I love sticky notes. Especially colorful ones. I have a Bat'leth letter opener! Also, a monkey to remind me to speak no evil. Two Rarity figures. And a Qui Gon Jinn. And without fail, my idol Miss Piggy and her beloved Kermit. My pen holder says DREAM because we all know I am all about dreams. Side note: the sticky note at the bottom of my keyboard reads "Kiah". That's the name of my muse, well atleast that's what I call him (he's currently a he, but that changes sometimes. My muse is gender fluid.)  And let's not forget who sits atop the monitor - Sad Keanu. 

This is to my left. Slytherin for the win! And the Rarity that was colored for me. You can't really see the crystal wizard and dragon to the right due to lighting, but he is there. I have other odds and ends on my desk here, feel free to look around. 

Hermione snowglobe that plays Wingardium Leviosa. And my Honeydukes candy jar. sit up top. 

To the left of the the top of my desk sits Edgar. Next to him is Lord Vader. And some purple flowers.

The book case behind me holds many awards that my club has won. They are the best anime club to ever grace a college campus! So proud of those kids. At the top is a collection of Star Wars books (and a Star Trek book {Klingon Hamlet!!} tossed in for fun. The book ends were a gift and they are a collectors set. 

Close up of the awards shelving. 

Let us not forget The Box Monster. I made him with my own two hands. I love him. 

And what office is complete without the master? His grace, his body, his mind, and his wisdom..we should all be a little more like Bruce. (He hangs on the door beside the box monster. I have 4 doors in my office. Yes, four.)

This is me in a nutshell. I hope others can benefit from it as well.

Spike!!! He was so tiny in this pic. 

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