Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Commandments of NaNoWriMo for 2011

These are mine. Yours may vary.

10 Commandments of NaNoWriMo

1)      Thou shall be very selective of internet time until thine word count has met it's daily goal..
2)      Thou shall follow thy characters wherever they may lead, for they know their story better than thee.
3)      Thou shall remember to sleep.
4)      Thou shall not neglect thine homework or tests.
5)      Thou shall allow thyself the nectar of the gods without guilt, for Pepsi keeps us sane.
6)      Thou shall get ahead of the word count whenever the ability arises so that it will balance on days when inspiration or time is lacking.
7)      Thou shall not neglect thy crowning glory of hair, nor thy eye makeup.
8)      Thou shall remember that fruit edible by fingers is thine friend, as are Stouffers animal crackers.
9)      Thou shall have a scrunchie available at all times to pull back thy crowning glory.
10)   Thou shall not delete a sentence for thine NaNoAngel will lose it's wings and plummet to the ground.

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  1. Perfect 10 commandments! Now if I can just follow them...