Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Run For Your Lives

I never did wrap up Dragon*con or talk about Pottermore further. Someday I will.

What I am here to blog about is something else entirely. It started with Scar. She posted a link to her husband (I think) that she wanted to do a Zombie 5K run in Austin in December 2012. I posted it on my Twitter asking for any takers for the Atlanta run. I didn’t expect any! But..

My sister replied. She lives in Atlanta. She was game. Well, nothing much else was said from there. Given the fact my sister nor I are runners the idea seems crazy. It seems even crazier because the run is in exactly 5 months. Not 5.5 months, not almost 6 months – 5 months from yesterday. Holy cow! No way we can be ready, right?

Well Monday, exactly 5 months from the run, I got up at 5 in the morning to start exercising. I did not run because I lack tennis shoes (I live in Florida. I have flip flops and work shoes.) and also I probably need a good sports bra less I injure myself. So this weekend I should have time to go shopping for these items. I live in a small town – our shoe stores are Walmart and JC Pennys and one sports store that caters to everything (Not even sure if they have shoes to be honest.)

In addition to these things I had been holding onto a friends site of Couch-to-5K. I sent it to my sister because guess what – she started running in Atlanta today! I had no idea she was serious about the run. Sooooo seems siblings stay on the wavelength even without meaning to! After sending her the link I started looking around for something else and found a better Couch-to-5K link. I sent her that too.

The obstacles of the course will likely cause me to end up a Zombie. Still, I want to do it. I want to say I did it! Even at my very best shape (and some of ya’ll know how amazingly in shape I used to be) I could have NEVER scaled a wall. I don’t set my sights that high now. But I have my sights on completing that course, Zombie or Human, I will cross that line!


  1. Lane Bryant has an amazing sports bra you can buy online and have shipped to the store. If you ship it to the store, no shipping charge. Plus, if it doesn't fit, you can have them exchange it and then they'll ship one to your house for free. They size it by your t-shirt size (22 is the one I wear). It has front snaps and really thick gel straps. I don't have any movement at all when I wear it (and I do zumba and kick boxing in it!). Also, go to a running store to get GOOD shoes. You'll really regret buying shoes that weren't fitted to your feet by a specialist. You'll pay about the same amount for the shoes as you would if you went to sports authority or whatever. Gainesville Running and Walking is where I have gotten my last two pairs of shoes. Tell them what you're training for and then they'll take care of everything else. I promise you won't be let down by them. Have fun!!! You can do this, you're amazing and strong and beautiful! Love you!!!

  2. Stingray that means so much to me! Thanks for the encouragement and support! <3

    I plan to go to Gainesville Saturday and get these items. I wasn't sure exactly where to go but now I know! I have been getting up early all week and dancing in the morning, I want to work running in there next week.

    I wish I had my old shirt I wore in Philly when I used to workout. It read "Ask not what your body can do for you - ask what you can do for your body." I think it was a Nike shirt, maybe Reebok? Anyhow.. I am going to relive that motto!

    You have worked so hard and I have been paying attention. You;'re an inspiration dear! Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh you posted a running link and I missed it!?!?!? I'm sorry I didn't respond as I clearly was promoting fail that day. However I would love to do a 5k with you guys... if your inviting that is (I understand if this is just between your and your sis). Anyway I'm so excited that your both going through with it and setting great goals that will promote a great life style. Your both wonderful, and inspiring people. I would recommend Walmart or the shoe store across from Hibbits in the mall. They both have decent tennis shoes that are at a fairly decent price. Hibbits and Bryan sports are both way too expensive for me. I've never bought shoes from JC Pennys as the employs would never leave me alone and kept telling what I would and wouldn't like (I'm getting of subject sorry. Tale for another time). Anyways I'm proud to know that you and Kristi are doing this, and support your wonderful goal.

    BTW 5.5 months is more than enough time! It only takes 2 weeks to a month for a person to get decent shape that gives you at LEAST 4.5 months of extra time to get even better and show the zombies you are human and far superior! If you have to scale a wall I would suggest finding a place in LC Gville or Jax that had a rock climbing wall for you to practice on as scaling your bedroom wall may be difficult (thats if you want or have to scale a wall. I've never done that in a 5k before. Very interesting). I would also suggest building arm strength (again for the wall scaling, although upper body strength does make running, even jogging easier). You could do that via push ups (20 a day 10 at a time with a 30-45 second break. If you feel that you can do more then go for it just like above. No matter where you start 20 or 20+, add another 10 every week or two weeks until you reach 60-80 per day. don't do them every day as your muscule needs time to heal, every other day should be fine or if feel better do mon.-fri. and take of weekends). However push ups are boring and no body likes them so I would suggest getting 2,3,or 5 lb weights to hold while jogging or doing ZUMBA!! Everybody underestimates the power of Zumba, but its a great work out (you can get it for the wii if you don't want to do it with other people).

    You don't have to do all that nonsense though to run, just run and jog around and you'll get in shape. That other is just up to you. Its also FAR easier to do any of this stuff if someone else is doing it with you (Lana, Trey, Tito, ladies from work, anyone!). Hmmmm..... I can't think of much more to say other than eat health and all that jazz, but you know that already.

    Again I am so proud of you, and I wish you the best of luck, both in practice and the real thing. Let me know if your still inviting or not. Have an Epic day DJ!


  4. Barry go here! It will show you pics and info and YES you can come!!!!!!! But it's Zombies and Atlanta so you would run through your nightmare.


  5. You are SO going to rock it! I think it's awesome that you're doing it!

  6. I'm excited to do it. It's really intimidating so I am trying to just stay focused. It would be so easy to get overwhelmed.

  7. Yume, that looks like so much fun! I'm going to see if I can talk Jason into doing it!