Saturday, March 24, 2012

3 little words...

I think most of us live in reverse. Do. Have. Be. but we should actually  Be. Do. Have. I have felt this way for a while but wasn't sure how to put it into such simple words.. A seminar/workshop I attended Thursday night gave me the words. 

See, we do things so we can have things so we can be things. 

Shouldn't we be the things we want to be so we can do the things we want to do so we can have the things that are far greater things than anything we imagined?

Maybe if we transcend the Do. Have. Be. and become the Be. Do. Have. people, then maybe things will make more sense. Even if it doesn't make more sense, I have a feeling we will be much happier. 

I put Be. first many years ago (almost a decade now!) and I have just never been a happier person. I am certainly not the person I ever imagined I would be.. but I am happy. That means everything. 

I was trying to do Be. Have. Do. but I think I am gonna rearrange to Be. Do. Have. I bet everything else falls into place. 


  1. I've read this several times and I keep getting confused. I'm probably not ready for happiness yet, which I guess makes sense. I think I may have put Have. first. I've always had everything, but I find the Have by itself is not happiness.

    1. Like the old expression: Money can't buy happiness but I would much rather cry in a mansion.

  2. For me I would consider myself a Do. Be. Have. sort of guy as the things I do influence what sort of person I am, and not the other way round, that the person I am determines what I do. Have would definitely be last, I'd like to think I'm quite appreciative of the things I do have, and don't tend to want material possessions as much as non-physical 'things'. But in all honesty I think that happiness isn't a step by step progress more of a thing that is made up of all 3 aspects irrespective of order.

    Nice blog post though, really interesting :D