Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mom and her knees..

Mom has surgery tomorrow. It’s “routine” and nothing to stress about, but still, it’s surgery. Mom fucked up her left knee hardcore when she was 17 in a serious car wreck. They pieced her knee back together as best they could with the technology they had at that time. Well over the years stress on the “good” knee took it’s toll. She had the “bad” knee replaced last year and this year she is having the “good” (but still very bad) replaced. I am so glad. She just has been slowed down so tremendously by this. Mom is a very active lady (read: waaaay busier than me) and this has put such a damper on her. So tomorrow is the surgery. I will be out of town in Gainesville for that. Saturday she comes back to our town and into the rehab center for a few weeks. Just like last year. 
Anyhow, my schedule is gonna get wonky while this is all going on. I’ll keep you guys posted. Send any good juujuu her way for a speedy recovery on that knee. She is my 6 million dollar Mom! 

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